Shipping Instructions For UAE

Please see the instructions for shipping and receiving goods and financial payments for the UAE, and we are not responsible for any error resulting from non-compliance with them


Goods Handover :

  1. Shipments must be handover to our warehouses with the customer code written on them.
  2. Shipments must also be handover in boxes, otherwise, the packaging charge will be reflected to the customer.
  3. We have the right to reject any product from the supplier or trader in case of any dispute or bad behavior.
  4. The responsibility for packing fragile goods rests with the supplier, and we do not bear any consequence of any mishandling of packaging unless the customer requests packaging by Desert Vessel as part of a paid service by insurance on the goods, attached to the basic purchase invoices registered under our company name.
  5. Any goods that have drawings, famous cartoon characters, social media icons, or A globally registered trademark are considered private goods.
  6. It is forbidden to send any goods with military symbols on them.
  7. Examining and counting the goods is not our responsibility, and it can be examined if the customer requests it, as part of a paid service.

Shipping :

  1. Any inquiries or questions about your shipments should be only through your registered number in our system other numbers will not be given any information.
  2. The shipping period is from 2-4 working days starting from the departure of the shipments from turkey.
  3. In case of consolidation of shipments, this situation must be notified 24 hours in advance in order to provide the service.
  4. If the customer notifies us in advance, we will  keep the shipments in our warehouses free of charge for 15 days and then we will  transport them without informing him.
  5. Desert Vessel will be responsible in case the shipment reached to the customer damaged, opened or there is missing items but he  should inform us directly before receiving the  shipment from the courier or from our store.
  6. We are not responsible in case of the nature disaster such as rain and storm or bad storing in the airports unless the customer made insurance on his  shipment.
  7. Prices include all shipping and customs clearance costs.
  8. Please contact the relevant department to learn the exchange rate.
  9. Prices do not include the internal delivery(courier) charges in U.A.E and the cost of each parcel is set at 33 dirhams for the first box and 10 dirhams for each box extra, excluding remote areas such as the western region which the charges will be 85 dirhams for the first box and 30 dirhams for each box extra.
  10. Clothing products can be sent without an invoice. Please contact us for other product items.

Financial transactions and payment:

  1. If the customer chooses to ship the shipments with the invoice, the items attached to the invoice must be inclusive of taxes (half the invoice value of the goods) when delivered to Desert Vessel  warehouses.
  2. In case of insufficient customer balance, no payment will be made to any merchant or supplier.
  3. Desert Vessel offers a maximum of 10% to 30% of the last financial transfer amount as a credit  for our VIP customers and this amount is added to the shipping charges.
  4. Desert Vessel will consider the highest number between the actual and volumetric weight which is calculated as (length x width x height) ÷ 6000.
  5. the shipping cost is paid exclusively in the receiving country at the time of delivery and the charges  will  not be  deducted from the balance remaining in the account.
  6. The exchange rate of the dirham against the dollar is 3.67
  7. The commission for paying to supplier will be as follow: 
    - from( 0 to 3,000 AED) 45 AED
    - from( 3,001AED to 9,000 AED) 65 AED
    - from 9,001AED to the highest value of 0.7% of the total amount.
  8. In case of transfer to a bank account, 5% VAT is added to the net invoice amount (after fees are added).
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