Shipping Instructions For Qatar

Please see the instructions for shipping and receiving goods and financial payments for the Qatar, and we are not responsible for any error resulting from non-compliance with them


Goods Handover :

  1. Shipments must be ready for delivery to our warehouses with the customer code written on them.
  2. Shipments must also be ready for delivery in boxes, otherwise the packaging cost will be reflected to the customer.
  3. We have the right to reject any product from the supplier or trader in case of any dispute or bad behavior.
  4. The breakable goods are solely the responsibility of the supplier for packaging, and we do not bear any responsibility for poor packaging. We will bear the cost of compensation in case the customer requests packaging from Desert Vessel Company as a paid service, provided that the goods are insured, accompanied by the original purchase invoices issued in our company's name.
  5. Any property that has drawings, famous cartoon characters, social media icons or has a property right is considered as personal property.
  6. It is forbidden to send any item with military symbols on it.
  7. Inspection of the goods and counting of the parts are not our responsibility, this can be provided within the scope of paid service if the customer requests it.
  8. Each piece of the goods must have stitching on it "Made in Turkey", and if its not, the and delay will be on the customer.

Shipping :

  1. Inquiries regarding your sent or to be sent products are made only with the customer number registered with usand inquiries cannot be made with any other number.
  2. Duration of shipping takes 4 to 6 working days and date of shipping starts when shipment departs Turkey.
  3. In case of consolidation of shipments, this situation must be notified 24 hours in advance in order to provide the service.
  4. If the customer notifies us in advance, we keep the shipments in our warehouses free of charge for 15 days and transport them without consulting him.
  5. After contacting us and ensuring the integrity of the package, the cost of the missing products is covered by us if the package reaches the customer clearly, provided that it is received from the representative or our warehouses.
  6. In addition to insuring the goods of the customer, we do not cover the damages in case the shipment is damaged due to force majeure such as disaster, rain, damage caused by airports.
  7. Prices include all shipping and customs clearance costs.
  8. Prices do not include delivery within Qatar and the delivery cost is as follows: 35 Qatari Riyals per package within Doha, with additional charges applied according to the number of packages (20 Qatari riyals for the second package and 10 Qatari riyals for each package starting from the third package).
  9. Delivery cost for areas outside Doha depends on the address.

Financial transactions and payment:

  1. If the customer's balance is not sufficient, no payment will be made to any merchant or supplier.
  2. If the customer chooses to ship the shipments with the invoice, the items attached to the invoice must be inclusive of taxes (half the invoice value of the goods) when delivered to Desert Ship Company warehouses.
  3. Desert Ship Company offers a maximum of 10% to 30% of the final financial transfer amount to the balance of our customers and this amount is added to the shipping charges.
  4. The approved weight is the maximum size between the actual or volumetric weight. the volumetric weight is calculated as (length x width x height) ÷ 6000.
  5. Freight is paid exclusively on delivery in the receiving country and freight is not deducted from the balance remaining in the account.
  6. Please contact the relevant department to learn the exchange rate.
  7. The exchange rate is calculated as 3.84 Qatari riyals for every 1 dollar


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