Goods storage services in Turkey with Desert Vessel

Goods storage services in Turkey is one of the services offered by our company, Desert Vessel. Together, in the article, we will learn how to store goods in Turkey.

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  • Goods warehousing service in Turkey is one of the important services that are provided in Turkey. Many traders importing from Turkey have an urgent need to have warehouses in order to keep their goods in them or to assemble several products in one warehouse before shipment

  • Desert Ship Company offers you the service of storing goods in Turkey within its warehouses, the most important of which is in Istanbul. Also, the packaging service that precedes the storage process is an important process before shipping goods from Turkey, what does packaging and storing goods mean in Turkey?

  • In this article, we will first introduce you to the packaging service in Turkey, and then we will move on to explain to you the service of storing goods in Turkey of all kinds.. Let's find out about that

How is the processing and packaging process with the desert ship?

  • First, before receiving anything from the customer, the safety of the goods and products that the customer has purchased from the suppliers is ensured. The goods are checked by our team very carefully in order to ensure that these goods are free of any defect. Why? First, in order to notify the customer of this and return or exchange it, secondly, because the company is not responsible for any damage that occurred before receiving it.
  • Second, the company's team packs the products on the basis of the appropriate sizes for any types of shipment, in order to exploit the spaces, and all products are wrapped using nylon and cork boards in order to ensure the safety of the goods, by virtue of our experience in this field
  • Third, the team prepares a complete list with punctuation marks on the products for easy access immediately, in addition to easy delivery, and a special cliché or “mark” is placed on the goods that belong to each customer separately.
  • Packaging operations are also at the request of the customer. For example, our customer from Qatar wants to put the product in plastic containers or metal bottles, or it is suggested by the company that this product should be packed in the form of carton boxes, and this is done based on the company’s experience in the field of Shipping which we are proud of since 1988 AD

Goods storage services in Turkey with Desert Ship

We have now come to the heart of the matter directly, which is storing goods in Turkey. Warehouse warehousing services are considered one of the most important logistical operations. They are parallel to the production and shipping processes in terms of importance, and for customs clearance they are one of the most important bases of their operations, and we will present it to you in two types

  • Storage of goods in Turkey from a single supplier

    • Warehouse warehousing is defined as the process of keeping goods and commodities in designated, secure and equipped spaces or places known as warehouses and warehouses. Preservation is temporary until future use or transportation.

    • This service is a necessary requirement in many cases before packing goods into containers, as well as when customs clearance operations. There is an urgent need to store goods in designated places to ensure their safety and preservation until the time of transportation to their final destination.

    • Desert Vessel Company undertakes the service of storing goods in Turkey within its headquarters in Istanbul, and this is as follows:

      • The company’s representatives are contacted and the quality, sizes and nature of the goods are displayed before receiving in order to prepare the place

      • A comprehensive examination of the goods is carried out immediately after receiving them, and a detailed report is written and presented to the owner of the goods

      • The goods are then sorted and sorted into their designated storage places

  • Storage of goods in Turkey from several suppliers

    • One of our customers in Dubai, for example, is shopping for clothes through several suppliers in Turkey. He was contacted by one of the company’s representatives and stated that he wanted to find a place to collect his goods before shipping to Dubai, and that he might add some products other than clothes to the shipment

    • One of our customers in Saudi Arabia also buys products online through shopping applications in Turkey such as Trendyol and HEPSİ BURADA, contact us to allocate a place for him in our warehouse, so that he has a dedicated address in the company and then collection and shipment are done.

    • Of course, solutions are always present in the Desert Vessel Company, through the service of storing goods in our warehouses, and the service is as follows:

      • Receipt of the shipment by the customer in our warehouse and write a detailed report on the products

      • Receipt of papers and documents in order to conduct the shipping process

      • Repackaging products and merchandise in proportion to the required shipping method

      • Classification and sorting of goods in their designated storage places

      • It is stored until the date of shipment

  • Thus, the service we provide to you is professional in a safe manner and meets your needs in Turkey, without searching and scrutinizing for a place to collect the goods you want to import from Istanbul or Turkey

What does Desert Vessel offer to its customers in the field of shipping from Turkey?

  • Providing all types of shipping "land - air - sea" to all over the world

  • Logistics services start from securing sources to purchase products to the method of transferring funds securely and directly to the source

  • Packaging and assembly .. through the company's own warehouses with secure packaging for protection

  • Customs clearance for some countries .. Professional staff in this field to serve you around the clock to deliver the shipment to door to door

  • Finally, our online application .. to help you track shipments, follow up on financial accounts, communicate with the technical support department, and register your requests


  • Storing goods in Turkey is an essential process today when importing from Turkey, and the reason is due to the diversity and abundance of sources, and this diversity today has been imposed on many traders due to the acceleration and tremendous development at the level of most commercial products, and from here this service was launched, which has become one of the jobs of shipping companies

  • Through the article, we learned about the packaging service that the company provides for the products and goods that we receive from customers, and we moved later to learn about the storage service that we also provide, and finally we got to know the services we provide to our customers in the field of shipping from Turkey.

  • Desert Vessel Company for International Trade and International Shipping secures goods and products for customers from Turkey and from the source directly, of course with the study of prices and obtaining competitive prices, and the shipping is safe according to the most complete standards of safety and speed, and finally delivery to the required place….


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