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Shipments Tracking

Track your shipment and get the latest updates. TRACKING

Shipping is NOT AVAILABLE for the following countries

Syria - Iraq - Yemen - Libya - Iran

Desert Vessel

Desert Vessel Co. for International Shipping, based in Turkey, offers you international express shipping services, covering all needs; such as importing and exporting from Turkey to the Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman), shipping special items, assembling and shipping goods after buying them online from Turkey. We provide all logistic services including air, land and sea shipping from Turkey; shipment packaging; and shipment tracking.

Express International Shipping

Air, land, and sea shipping from Turkey Turkey to all countries of the world and to the Arabian Gulf countries with periodic discounts.

Assembling and Packaging of Goods

We have a special department that is ready to facilitate online purchase and assemble and package goods in our warehouse.

Shipment of Special Items

There are continuous offers and discounts on the shipment of special items from Turkey to all countries of the world. Door-to-Door Shipments.

Finding Sources of Goods

Through our experience in the Turkish market, we are working to find sources of all types of goods to traders.

Money Transfers

Instant money transfer from/to Turkey. For your payments & debts, You can choose who will pay for.

Desert Vessel Portal

Desert Vessel Portal allows to track shipments, bills of lading, and financial accounts

Periodic discounts up to 30% and more

Continuous offers from Desert Vessel For international shipment
Great discounts on shipping from Turkey to the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman
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Air freight from Turkey

Air Freight to Arab Countries

We provide special air freight services from Turkey to all Arab countries: Saudi Arabia - Qatar - UAE - Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - Egypt - Sudan

Shipping of Goods and Special Items

We are fully prepared for all types of shipments

Speed and Safety

Fast and safety process from booking to final delivery

Sea shipment from Turkey

Full or Partial Containers

We provide full container shipping services and assembling small shipment services

We secure customs clearances and documents

such as bill of lading, certificate of origin, packing list, and control certificates

Appropriate prices and offers

Comprehensive services at affordable prices for all segments


Land shipment from Turkey

Door-to-door Shipment

We provide door-to-door shipping services without any trouble

Tracking of Shipments

You can track your shipments moment by moment

Technical Support

Desert Vessels provides you with technical support using Desert Vessel Portal

International Documents Shipping

Shipping personal papers and important documents quickly and safely Contact Us

Shipping to the Arabian Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia - UAE - Qatar - Oman - Bahrain - Kuwait

As for export of Turkish goods to Arab countries, Desert Vessel pays particular attention to shipping to all the Arab countries, especially the Arabian Gulf countries. Besides, we provide the following services:
We provide good samples from Turkish factories
Financial transfers from Arab countries to Turkey and vice versa
Compiling goods in our warehouses
Packaging goods
Express and safe shipping

Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

Desert Vessel Portal

Through the portal of the Desert Vessel on the web or our app on Google Play or Apple Store, You can track your shipments on a daily basis and receive the latest updates in real time. You can also follow up monthly financial accounts and many other services.

Manage and Track shipments

You can manage and track shipments with ease and comfort

Delivery Notifications

You can get delivery notifications and instantaneous updates of shipment status

Shipment Detail

You can view details of shipment and shipping bills

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Follow-up of financial accounts

You can get monthly reports and invoices

Order Management

You can use this service to manage your goods and transfers


You can have a conversation with company staff

Shipping clothes and furniture from Turkey to the Middle East

Today Turkish companies have emerged as the most important source of clothing, fashion and furniture in the Middle East and Europe. With Desert Vessel, it became easy to shop clothes, shoes, bags, and furniture from Turkey. We are facilitating the task of shopping goods from Turkey to your place of business. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

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Desert Vessel
Shipping and exporting from Turkey

We work to secure all shipping services and logistics in Turkey for traders or even for ordinary people (in the case of special items shipping and shipping goods after shopping from the Internet).

From this point of view, we are working to secure Turkish goods for export such as foodstuffs, clothes, carpets, marble, furniture and ceramics. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Shopping and Shipping Orders

Through Desert Vessel Portal, you can submit requests for inquiries about the arrival of an order you have previously purchased, and we will follow up the status of the request and update it periodically. You will receive instantaneous notifying short messages or mobile SMS when your order status is updated.

Shipping After Shopping from the Internet?

Do you want to ship goods after shopping from Turkish online stores? The process is easy. You only need to write the address of our warehouse in the recipient's address, and we will receive your goods and ship them to you. You can shop from more than one store such as and We will collect and package your goods and ship them to you.

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Shipping from all Turkish provinces

We can efficiently ship goods from all Turkish provinces such as Istanbul - Bursa - Ankara - Gaziantep. We can also propose lists on the names of factories and products for export in the above-mentioned provinces, and provide logistic services and immediate transfers.

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safety and modernity at their highest levels

With Desert Vessel for International Shipping, your shipment is always safe. Safety is the most important factor for us. We work to achieve the highest levels of safety through packaging and processing goods well for the shipping process, and this is what distinguishes us from the rest of the shipping companies in Turkey.

Why Desert Vessel

Because, since the beginning, we have been working to ship goods quickly and safely and secure all modern shipping requirements.

Desert Vessel Mission

We aim to keep pace with the latest development and commercial shipping and facilitate the task of export and shopping from Turkey.

Desert Vessel Objectives

Our objectives are simply to achieve our customers' objectives and facilitate their business by providing comprehensive services.

Originality, heritage and honesty from the beginning until now

Since 1988

We are one of the oldest shipping companies in Turkey. Desert Vessel Company was established in 1988. We are a leading Company in modern international shipping and logistic services in various Arab and international airports and ports.

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