Instructions for receiving goods in Turkey with the Desert Vessel

Instructions for receiving goods in Turkey with the Desert Vessel depends on the conditions that must be met to preserve these goods, a detailed article that includes the most important instructions for receiving goods in Turkey

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  • When any merchant or supplier comes to deliver goods in Turkey to shipping companies, there are several things that must be taken care of before the delivery process, and there are main instructions for receiving goods in Turkey with the Desert Vessel. and delivering them to the desired destination in a safe and sound manner.

  • The policy of the Desert Vessel Company has adopted fourteen conditions that must be fulfilled by our valued customers before delivering the goods to us. These conditions are in order to protect the goods first, and secondly to ensure the right of both parties in the event of side issues arising from the shipping process. What are these conditions?

  • Desert Vessel Company In this article, we will detail for you the conditions that must be met before receiving the goods in Turkey by our team. Let's find out about that

What are the instructions for receiving goods in Turkey with the desert ship?

Before initiating the process of receiving goods and products, the task is received by a specialized staff of examination and auditing, whose job is to see several important matters in order to properly conduct the shipping process, and in the event that there is a deficiency in any detail, or there are things that should be paid attention to, or refrain from doing, you will be notified directly In order to adopt what is correct to run the shipping process easily.

First .. Codes and codes for goods and products

We always remind our valued customers, before the delivery of goods, of a very important matter, which is the presence of symbols or codes that suggest that these goods belong to them and belong to them, but why? These codes facilitate the sorting process and not confuse the customer’s goods here with other goods belonging to another customer, for example, so .. we do not accept any goods that do not have special codes

Secondly .. packages are packaged in cartons

Also, there is no doubt that we always ask our customers that the delivered parcels are exclusively in cartons, but why? The objective is clear.. It is to protect the goods from being damaged. Note in the event that the delivered parcels are not within carton packages, the packaging fees will be charged to the customer

Third .. Inspection of goods

Before any customer begins to deliver his goods and products to us, he must check all of them and count them as well, because checking and counting the goods is not our responsibility

Fourth .. the right to refuse to receive the goods

Desert Vessel Company has the full right to refuse to receive goods in Turkey from any supplier or merchant who has acted inappropriately, or in the event of disputes with the customer

Fifthly .. the packaging of fragile goods

It is normal for there to be fragile goods.. Therefore, we are not obligated to bear any responsibility resulting from poor packaging by customers, and the responsibility for packaging goods is always “exclusively” by the customer.

Sixth .. Special Goods

There are various goods such as drawings or famous cartoon characters or even, for example, the symbols of social networking sites. We at the Desert Ship Company consider these goods as special goods

Seventh .. Goods containing military symbols

The ship of the desert does not receive or ship any goods containing or even suggesting military symbols, whatever the purpose of their shipment. It is strictly forbidden to include such goods with military symbols among other goods

Eighth .. How to inquire about shipments

When the goods are received in Turkey by our team, the customer’s phone number is restricted as the only one through which he is authorized to know the developments regarding the shipment, and any numbers other than this number registered in our system are not answered or given any information regarding the shipment

Ninth .. Goods assembly

There are customers who have goods in a variety of sources, if there is a request to collect these goods in our warehouse and ship them, we must be informed at least 24 hours in advance in order to ensure a good response

Tenth .. Shipping goods on the basis of the prior agreement

When previously agreed with the customer that shipment will take place when the goods reach a certain weight, we will ship the goods without reference to him, unless we have been notified otherwise

Eleventh .. there is an invoice attached to the goods

The goods that we receive must be accompanied by an invoice bearing the value and price of the goods and also showing the quality of the products, and if there is no invoice, the equivalent of 4% of the value of the goods will be deducted

Twelfth .. Not having enough credit for the customer

It was agreed between the customer and the supplier to send certain goods to be sent every period of time, and he had a balance in our company in order to transfer money every time to the supplier, but at one time there was not enough balance, so no amount will be paid to the suppliers by the company

Thirteenth .. Weights and sizes approved

There is an approved weight for us, which is the largest between the actual or volumetric weight, which is equal to the following: "Length * Width * Height" / 6000

Fourteenth .. exchange rates

A responsible employee specialized in answering your inquiries regarding knowing the exchange rate on a daily basis, in order to avoid any frauds that you may encounter during the exchange of money in Turkey

What does Desert Vessel offer to its customers in the field of shipping from Turkey?

  • Providing all types of shipping "land - air-sea" to all over the world

  • Logistics services start from securing sources to purchase products to the method of transferring funds securely and directly to the source

  • Packaging and assembly .. through the company's own warehouses with secure packaging for protection

  • Customs clearance for some countries .. Professional staff in this field to serve you around the clock to deliver the shipment to door to door

  • Finally, our online application .. to help you track shipments, follow up on financial accounts, communicate with the technical support department, and register your requests

Very important matters that every customer should see before delivering the goods to our headquarters in Istanbul, we mentioned them to you in detail in this article, and certainly, when these conditions are met, we will ensure that the shipment is delivered in a safe and sound manner to the desired destination.

Desert Vessel Company for International Trade and International Shipping secures goods and products for customers from Turkey and from the source directly, of course with the study of prices and obtaining competitive prices, and the shipping is safe according to the most complete standards of safety and speed, and finally delivery to the required place….

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