Shopping And Buying From Turkey With The Desert Vessel

Shopping and buying from Turkey with the Desert Vessel starts from directing you to choose the best suppliers until the goods reach the desired place, and most importantly, follow-up constantly when buying from Turkey

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  • The diversity and quality of Turkish products and goods was an important incentive to be one of the most important sources for many countries of the world, especially the Arab Gulf countries, and not only that! Turkish products are also characterized by cheap and competitive prices, and this was one of the reasons why the demand for them is constantly increasing

  • Shopping and buying from Turkey with the Desert Vessel is available to customers even without visiting Turkey or Istanbul in particular.. It starts with directing you to choose the best suppliers in the Turkish lands for all products based on our experience in the Turkish market, and ends when the goods arrive at the specified place. by you in the appropriate manner and time,

  • In our article today, we will explain what we mentioned above in detail and the steps in order to convey a clear picture to our customers about the process of shopping and buying from Turkey, the finest raw materials and products at the most appropriate prices directly from the source, the whereabouts of these products and their markets, how to buy and import while outside Turkey, packaging, shipping and follow-up And getting the shipment to its place, all this and more we will learn about in the article...

How is the buying process from Turkey with the Desert Vessel?

  • Istanbul today is one of the most successful cities in the field of trade in general, as the Turkish market has developed tremendously and contains millions of products and goods. There is no doubt that the owners of Turkish factories and companies have succeeded in marketing products at home and even abroad, and now how can I as a trader I want to make a purchase from Turkey and achieve the following:

    • First, access to the source directly without entering the cycle of intermediaries

    • Secondly, there is no need to come to Turkey with every purchase

    • Third, ensuring that shipments arrive in the right manner and time every time

    • Fourth, a fully trained and proficient Turkish team that eases the burden of communicating and understanding with suppliers.

  • In general, these are the most important questions that come to the mind of every Arab merchant who wants to import products and goods from Turkey. Here comes our mission, we, the Desert Vessel Company, by offering our services and getting to know the answer to these questions at the same time.

I want to buy a product "children's clothing" from Istanbul and then ship to the Arabian Gulf

  • Initially, you will consult with the company’s specialists to obtain suppliers in Turkey, and focus on the most important points of the product such as determining age - gender - main materials - quality - average budget and …, this information is collected through which we can connect you to the main supplier she has.

  • A specialized team with many years of experience can deliver you to the supplier directly without entering the cycle of intermediaries. After that, a direct agreement is reached between you and the supplier in order to obtain this product in the required form and at the right time, and finally and most importantly the good price, and here is the negotiation by our team with The supplier in order to get the discounted and competitive price as well.

  • After that, the invoice is prepared between you and the supplier on the basis of the price, as well as the time required to secure the goods, then we, with the supplier, prepare the necessary official documents in order to deliver the shipments to you, especially in the Arabian Gulf, quickly and on demand..

We agreed with the supplier and now I want to deliver the shipment to the Arabian Gulf, how is that?

  • Desert Vessel Company takes care of the shipping process from A to Z, where we manage the shipping process completely from the arrival of the goods to our warehouse or from the land of the supplier “factory” (depending on the product) until the shipment arrives at your warehouse, and that is through the following services:

    • Collecting goods in the company's warehouses

    • Packaging of goods on the latest modern methods

    • Express / or sea / or air shipping on request, with various options and safely

    • Securing money transfers between the Arab Gulf and Turkey

    • Your shipment is also monitored through the company's own application. In order to know the latest developments about the shipment, click the link to download the application from here

  • Of course, the process of choosing the type of shipping "land - air - sea" is carried out and on the basis of which the average period for the arrival of any shipment to the Arabian Gulf is mentioned...

The first shipment was completed and I need another shipment. Do I need to come every time when purchasing from Turkey?

  • After the first shipment arrives in the proper and required manner to its destination in the Arabian Gulf and we have completed the task completely, here we have gained your confidence in dealing with us, on the basis of which all matters related to purchasing from Turkey are managed by the specialized team in the company.

  • After that, the purchase process from Turkey is done online with you and is clear at every step, as the suppliers are contacted again in order to renew another shipment, or if another product is chosen, we do the same process by reaching the suppliers and then arranging the necessary papers and documents in order to Managing the shipping process.

  • Many of our customers in the Arabian Gulf work with them in this way and many shipments are sent to them without coming to Turkey, so now I can rely on you in this matter and in return I can benefit from the following:

    • Exploiting my travel times to Turkey to complete and run my business.

    • In light of the Corona pandemic, it has become important to pay attention and legalize travel between countries.

    • Saving the costs resulting from my travel every time to Turkey.

Buying from Turkey and the most important products required according to the statistics

  • Turkey, through a recent statistic issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, TÜİK, stated that the value of exports for the year 2021 reached a record amount of 225 million dollars, or 33 percent compared to 2020, and this confirms that Turkey today is one of the most important countries exporting goods and products to the whole world.

  • As we can see through the chart prepared by the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the most important products required from Turkey are as follows:

    • First, the auto industry

    • Second, chemicals and products

    • Third, the steel industry

    • Fourth, textiles and garments

    • Fifthly, electrical and electronics

    • Sixth, iron and non-ferrous metals

    • Seventh, Textiles and raw materials

    • Eighth, machines and accessories

What does Desert Vessel offer to its customers in the field of shipping from Turkey?

  • Providing all types of shipping "land - air - sea" to all over the world

  • Logistics services start from securing sources to purchase products to the method of transferring funds securely and directly to the source

  • Packaging and assembly .. through the company's own warehouses with secure packaging for protection

  • Customs clearance for some countries .. Professional staff in this field to serve you around the clock to deliver the shipment to door to door

  • Finally, our online application .. to help you track shipments, follow up on financial accounts, communicate with the technical support department, and register your requests


  • Shopping and buying from Turkey and Istanbul in particular today.. has become easier than it was in the past years, the presence of shipping companies such as the Desert Vessel that conducts the entire business for merchants is something that did not exist before, and even access to suppliers was difficult to obtain in a way direct….

  • Through the article, we learned about the process of buying from Turkey with the Desert Vessel, and then moved on to identifying the most important products required for export from Turkey, and finally we introduced you to the services we provide to our customers, merchants who wish to purchase and ship goods from Turkey..

  • Desert Vessel Company for International Trade and International Shipping secures goods and products for customers from Turkey and from the source directly, of course with the study of prices and obtaining competitive prices, and the shipping is safe according to the most complete standards of safety and speed, and finally delivery to the required place….

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