Shipping from Turkey to the Arabian Gulf and the world with Desert Vessel

Shipping from Turkey to the Arabian Gulf and the world with Desert Vessel Company is the guarantee and safety for your shipment, because we are one of the oldest companies specialized in shipping from Turkey since 1988

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  • Turkey, through a recent statistic issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, stated that the value of exports for the year 2021 reached a record amount of 225 million dollars, or 33 percent compared to 2020, and this confirms that Turkey today is one of the most important countries exporting goods and products to the whole world.

  • The main concern of many merchants who import goods from Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general is to secure safe and urgent shipping from them to the Arab Gulf and the world, Desert Vessel Company is the guarantee and safety of your shipment, because we are one of the oldest companies in Istanbul specialized in shipping from Turkey since 1988 Our history is full of many business and achievements we have achieved with customers by providing professional and distinguished services that completely separate us from the rest of the shipping companies in Turkey.

  • The field of shipping in Turkey, including a vast and large topic, needs clarification and explanation, and here in this article our mission is to remove ambiguity and know the answer to many common questions related to shipping from Turkey, our advice to you is to read the article carefully before going into any shipping process, whether it is for goods or others …

  • In this article, Desert Vessel Company, in the beginning, will introduce you to the meaning of the concept of shipping for goods, and then we will move on to explain to you the types of shipping from Turkey for goods and others, provided that we continue after that to learn about shipping from Turkey to the Arabian Gulf and conclude the article by looking at the most important things that the company offers to its customers.

What does the concept of freight forwarding mean?

  • The concept of freight forwarding today is no longer limited to facilitating the movement of goods from one place to another place or from one country to another, but rather the concept has become associated with many of the services associated with the process of transporting goods, i.e. “not just the transportation of goods only.”

  • The shipping process has become fully integrated, for example we are the desert vessel company in our headquarters in Istanbul, we have the process of transporting goods for shipping to Dubai; We first check and prepare the papers for the goods and products to be shipped, and then these goods and products are prepared and packaged in our warehouses in a safe and sound manner.

  • After that, follow-up, coordination and tracking of the shipment will take place after sending it in one of the different forms of shipping through a special application in the name of our company, and you can download from here, the shipping process does not end here, but extends with us to after-sales services. Contact us to find out about that

  • The result here we would like to make clear to you that shipping does not mean transportation only.. It includes all the different activities and procedures related to the shipping process, so our task is to take care of all these activities emanating from the entire shipping process.

  • There are three main types of shipping and the cost is completely different from the other What are these types?

What are the types of shipping from Turkey for goods and others?

  • First air freight from Turkey

    • Air freight is one of the quick access methods for commercial goods or private shipments, for example, medical and devices. This type is found in many countries, including of course Turkey. This type is characterized by speed and ease of access, even on the same day sometimes, and this type is more likely compared to other types,

    • Of course, it is the most expensive compared to other types, but it generally enjoys more facilities than others in terms of customs clearance and receiving procedures.

  • Second, sea freight from Turkey

    • Sea freight is one of the types of international freight and is considered as the oldest type of freight throughout history, and is carried out by ships and large steamers, and the most important thing that is shipped by ships is “large containers and heavy and large goods.” Sea freight is the most important and most widely used means of freight, Why?

      • low cost

      • High security

      • Abundance of options

    • It also has its also has negatives, the most important of which are

      • Length of delivery time for the goods

      • Length of customs clearance procedures

  • Third, land freight from Turkey

    • Land freight is used a lot and is a type of freight that is common in the countries of the world, and this type of shipping method is frequently used inside the country to transport goods or to transport items between neighboring countries.

    • The land freight process is done by using heavy transport vehicles or some countries use trains in the land freight business. This method is characterized by a high percentage of safety and is also characterized by its speed and efficiency.

    • Land shipping from Turkey is somewhat limited for several reasons, the most important of which are

      • Freezing relations with some neighboring countries

      • Not suitable for remote countries

      • The weather factor, which sometimes causes accidents

  • Fourth, express shipping from Turkey

    • This type of shipping specializes in sending shipments of small sizes “files and papers … for example shipping from Turkey to Qatar, a passport with a residence permit, this type guarantees arrival in a quick and timely manner, but in return it has a higher cost compared to other types.”

    • Desert Vessel Company In addition to the types of shipping we mentioned, there is another type that it offers to its customers, which is shipping in Turkey to all Turkish provinces and cities. We can provide an integrated and highly efficient service by shipping goods from all Turkish provinces such as "Istanbul - Bursa - Ankara - Gaziantep and...

Shipping from Turkey to the Arabian Gulf with Desert Vessel

  • Desert Vessel Company.. It focuses heavily on shipping from Turkey to the Arab Gulf countries, the most important of which are the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Shipping is also available to all Arab countries and Europe. Shipping through us is associated with many professional services, the most important of which are

    • Securing samples of goods from Turkish factories "directly source"

    • Money transfers between Arab countries and Turkey

    • Collecting goods in the company's warehouses

    • Packaging of goods on the latest modern methods

    • Fast and secure shipping

  • In order to benefit from these services, all you have to do is register now on our platform.. Click on the link here to get to know these services better.

  • The Arabian Gulf has a large share in importing Turkish products, and for this reason, the company’s cargo shipments dominate to our customers in the Arabian Gulf, and the most important of these countries are:

    • Shipping from Turkey to UAE

    • Shipping from Turkey to Saudi Arabia

    • Shipping from Turkey to Qatar

    • Shipping from Turkey to Kuwait

    • Shipping from Turkey to Dubai

    • Shipping from Turkey to Bahrain

    • Shipping from Turkey to Oman

What does Desert Vessel offer to its customers in the field of shipping from Turkey?

  • Providing all types of shipping "land - air - sea" to all over the world

  • Logistics services start from securing sources to purchase products to the method of transferring funds securely and directly to the source

  • Packaging and assembly .. through the company's own warehouses with secure packaging for protection

  • Customs clearance for some countries .. Professional staff in this field to serve you around the clock to deliver the shipment to door to door

  • Finally, our online application .. to help you track shipments, follow up on financial accounts, communicate with the technical support department, and register your requests


  • Before starting any shipping process in any country, it is necessary to know the status and methods of shipping in it, and it is also necessary to choose the appropriate owner for this task, the “appropriate company.” Desert Vessel Company offers you the best logistics services accompanying the shipping process from A to Z.

  • Through the article, we learned about shipping goods from Turkey to the Arab Gulf and the world, and we also learned about the types of shipping in general, and we talked about the most important services that we provide to customers and accompany them before starting the shipping process, during and even after shipment…

  • Desert Vessel Company for International Trade and International Shipping secures goods and products for customers from Turkey and from the source directly, of course with the study of prices and obtaining competitive prices, and the shipping is safe according to the most complete standards of safety and speed, and finally delivery to the required place….

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